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Black market group

Factions are survivor groups and organisations in Survarium. As the game stands, there are four playable factions and one non-playable faction.


After the green apocalypse, survivors tended to band together into groups to increase their chances of survival. In Survarium, they provide the main means of trade and supplies in the New World. They also offer tasks for survivors to earn reputation and money.

Certain factions are better specialised in specific areas. For example, the Scavengers Camp are experts in scouting and hunting artifacts and will likely have gear better suited for those tasks. The Black Market however focuses more on combat and mobile warfare, as such their stocks are more focused on lightweight ambush weapons such as shotguns and assault rifle and carbines.

Player Interactions[]

By default most factions will only offer basic supplies or in some cases will not deal with survivors at all. In order to earn the right to purchase better supplies or open relations with new factions, players will have to perform tasks to earn their favour.

Relationships between clans and factions are built accordingly; the more tasks accomplished by clan members, the better the terms between that clan and the faction. In high levels of relations the clan leader can attempt to form a union with the faction, meaning that from that moment on the clan is a representative of the faction in game.

Faction Levels[]

Factions are divided into two levels of accessibility. Basic factions are those that are available from the start to trade basic supplies and offer simple tasks for the player. The Scavengers and Black market are examples of this type of faction.

Advanced factions offer better equipment, but are not immediately available for trading and tasks. These factions will only begin to deal with the player if they achieve maximum reputation with one of the basic factions. Not all basic factions are preferred by all advanced factions though. For example, one faction will only deal with players in good relations with the Scavengers Camp and not the Black Market[1].

List of Factions[]

The Playable Factions are:

Market logo.png Black Market

Marauders in the style of old world bikers, hired to protect the market.

Fringe logo.png Fringe Settlers

A survivor brotherhood that believes mankind can come to live in harmony with the Forest.

Army logo.png Renaissance Army

A group of military survivors, intent on forming a superstate in the new world.

Scavenger logo.png Scavengers

Groups of unaffiliated survivors, banding together to survive.

The non-playable faction is the Atlant Corp, with non-working site.[2]


Market logo.png Black Market · Fringe logo.png Fringe Settlers · Army logo.png Renaissance Army · Scavenger logo.png Scavengers